ACMC 2000


Brisbane, Australia

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Full Papers

  • Roger Alsop
    Teaching Electro-Acoustic (EA) Composition to the Uninitiated† 1
  • Andrew Brown
    Modes of Compositional Engagement
  • Warren Burt –
    BRISBANE NOCTURNE – An algorithmic composition using SoftStep
  • Steven Dillon
    Making Computer Music Meaningful In Schools
  • Simon Dixon
    On the Computer Recognition of Solo Piano Music
  • Alan Dorin
    Boolean Networks for the Generation of Rhythmic Structure
  • Ian Kaminskyj
    Multi-feature Musical Instrument Sound Classifier
  • Theodore Lotis
    The Byzantine Dome: The Sound Dome and Wassily Kandinsky
  • Greg Schiemer
    Boolean logic as a harmonic filter
  • Andrew Sorensen and Andrew Brown
    Introducing jMusic
  • Ian Stevenson
    Diffusion: Realisation, Analysis and Evaluation
  • Michael Towsey, Andrew Brown, Susan Wright, and Joachim Diederich
    Towards Melodic Extension Using Genetic Algorithms
  • Ian Whalley
    Tales, tellers, and taking part: The computer music/audience dialectic


  • Andy Arthurs
    Brisbane Powerhouse Opening
  • Densil Cabrera
    Environmental Infrasound Recordings
  • David Hirst
    LaTrobe CD Archive
  • Peter McIlwain
    An Approach to Spatiotemporial Music
  • Alastair Riddell
    Programmable Composition
  • Kenny Sabir
    Distributed Audio Sequencer
  • Gavin Sade
    Interactive interface design: Tools and processes to enable the development of alternate input devices
  • Greg Schiemer
    A Survey to the Theory and Practice of Just Intonation
  • Andrew Troedson
    An Examination of Selected Algorithmic Compositional Processes
  • Richard Vella
    Musical Environments
  • David Worrall
    Composition as revelation


  • Ian Stevenson
    AudioBox & ABControl: A platform for diffusion design and realisation