ACMC 2001


July 12–14, 2001
School of Contemporary Arts
University of Western Sydney
Sydney, Australia

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  • Ros Bandt and Garth Paine
    Designing public acoustic space: Australian sound designs, a database and website, for a more considered acoustic environment
  • Andrew Brown
    How the computer assists composers: a survey of contemporary practice  (fully refereed)
  • Densil Cabrera
    Acoustical, Psychoacoustical and Subjective Assessment of Alvin Lucier’s I am Sitting in a Room  (REF)
  • Paul Doornbusch
    The music of CSIRAC
  • Angelo Fraietta
    Smart budgeting for a Smart Controller
  • Martin Fumarola
    A survey of recent electro-acoustic music from Latin America
  • Nicholas Gebhardt
    Studio Time = Money
  • Nigel Helyer
    Singing Me Softly…
  • Caleb ~K
    Yasunao Tone’s stuttering CDs and extreme digital audio
  • Peter Mcilwain
    Spatialised sound: the listener’s perspective  (fully refereed)
  • Garth Paine
    Interactive sound works in public exhibition spaces: an artist’s perspective
  • Donald Richards
    Found sound
  • Greg Schiemer
    Transposed Hexanies: Just intonation synthesis studies
  • Mitchell Whitelaw
    Inframedia Audio
  • Rene Wooller, Nick Coleman and Andrew R. Brown
    LEMu: Live Electronic Music Generator

Artist Talks

  • Rodney Berry et al
    Art Imitates Life’s Imitation of Art
  • Chris Cree Brown
    A Composer In Antarctica
  • Russell Goodwin
    Standing wave sound sculpture: A compositional example
  • Terumi Narushima
    Tritriadic Chimes: Bells in just intonation
  • Netochka Nezvanova
    art!kl nummer 0+28
  • Ian Stevenson
    Cathedral Impulse: Towards a sonic art
  • Jeremy Yuille and Troy Innocent
    The Trans Mutational Meta-Processor

Studio reports

  • Andrew Brown
    Queensland University of Technology
  • John Elmsly
    University of Auckland
  • Julian Knowles
    University of Western Sydney
  • Peter Mcilwain
    Monash University and the Working With Sound project