ACMC 2002

Form Space Time

6–8 July 2002
RMIT University and Victorian College of the Arts
Melbourne, Australia

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Fully-refereed papers

  • Steve Adam
    Control and Mapping Strategies for HybriD
  • Ros Bandt
    Spatial Counterpoint as a Design Principle in the Australia Gallery, The Melbourne Museum
  • Jim Barbour
    Applying Aural Research: the Aesthetics of 5.1 Surround
  • Andrew Brown
    Opportunities for Evolutionary Music Composition
  • Paul Doornbusch
    The Application of Mapping in Composition and Design
  • David Hirst
    Developing Analysis Criteria Based on Denis Smalley’s Timbre Theories
  • Ian Kaminskyj
    Multi-feature Musical Instrument Sound Classifier with user determined generalisation performance
  • Ian Kaminskyj & Mark Williams
    Web Based Automatic classification of Musical Instrument Sound
  • Andrew Lyons
    Abstractly Related and Spatially Simultaneous Auditory-Visual Objects
  • Peter McIlwain
    A Survey of Software Designs from the Sonic Art Group
  •  Johnathan Mustard
    Correlating Movement in Space to the Parameters of Sound
  • Timothy Opie
    Granular Synthesis: Experiments in Live Performance
  • Ian Stevenson
    Spatialisation, Method and Madness: Learning from Commercial Systems
  • Lindsay R. Vickery
    The RoboSax Project (1991-2001): forms of performer/machine interaction in works by Johnathan Mustard and Lindsay Vickery

Non-refereed papers 

  • Ros Bandt & Ian Mott
    Report on the Australian Sound Design Project
  • Warren Burt
    Developing and Composing with Scales based on Recurrent Sequences
  • Hannah Clemen
    Enhancing the Experience of Music-Ritual through Gesturally Controlled Interactive Technology
  • Robert Coburn
    Composing Space: The Integration of Music, Time, and Space in Multi-Dimensional Sound Installations
  • Angelo Fraietta
    Smart Controller – Artist Talk
  • Elsa Justel
    Space as a Structural Function in electroacoustic Music
  • Lissa Meridan
    Elastic Horizon: Mapping Collaborations
  • Robert G. Morgan
    Metamorphosis as a Musical Algorithm
  • Andrei Bajurnow & Alexandra L. Uitdenbogerd
    Towards Audio-Based Music Information Retrieval in the RMIT University MIRT Project
  • Lindsay R. Vickery
    The Yamaha MIBURI MIDI jump suite as a controller for STEIM’s Interactive Video software Imag/ine
  • Ian Whalley
    The University of Waikato: Studio Report 1998-2001