ACMC 2004

Ghost in the Machine:
Performance Practice in Electronic music

Victoria University
Wellington, New Zealand
1–3 July 2004

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  • John Cousins
    The Ghost in the Machine

Refereed Papers

  • Warren Burt
    Picking up the threads of a history more extensive than previously known: Percy Grainger’s work with music technology
  • Andrew R Brown & Greg Jenkins
    The Interactive Dynamic Stochastic Synthesizer
  • Tim Opie
    Granular Synthesis: Conception and Continuity
  • Dave Burraston & Ernest Edmonds
    Global Dynamics Approach to Generative Music Experiments with One Dimensional Cellular Automata
  • Lindsay Vickery
    Interactive control of higher order musical structures
  • David Hirst
    Fission Or Fusion: Analysing The Acousmatic Reaction
  • Greg Schiemer, Stephen Ingham, John Scott, Aaron Hull, Damien Lock, Didier Balez, Gareth Jenkins, Ian Burnett, Guillaume Potard & Mark O’Dwyer
    Configurable Hemisphere Environment for Spatialised Sound
  • Jim Barbour
    Exploration of the Height Dimension in Audio Reproduction
  • Greg Schiemer & Mark Havryliv
    Wearable Firmware: the singing jacket
  • Rene Wooller
    Developing a software meta-instrument for live electronic dance music
  • Caleb Stuart
    The Object of Performance: Performativity in Contemporary Japanese ‘Onkyo’ Music

Non-refereed Papers

  • Robin Maconie
    Performance Theory and Practice in Stockhausen’s Kontakte
  • Ivan Zavada
    Quadraloop: real-time audio looping software
  • Lydia Ayers & Andrew Horner
    Synthesis of Chinese Dizi Ornaments

Artist Talks

  • Miriama Young
  • David Sanders
    Song of the Kokako
  • Ryan Cockburn
  • Colin Hemmingsen & Leigh Jackson
  • Alejandro Iglesias Rossi
    An experience of synergy of Latin American indigenous instruments and electronic live media

Studio Report

  • Lissa Meridan
    The ArMiDillo