ACMC 2006


11-14 July 2006
Elder Conservatorium of Music
University of Adelaide, Australia

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  • klipp av (Nick Collins and Fredrik Olofsson)
    Audiovisual Collaboration and the Future
  • Mitchell Whitelaw
    Synaesthesia and Cross-Modality in Contemporary Audiovisuals

Papers (in alphabetical order)

  • Roger Alsop and Paul Fletcher
    Weaving Relationships between Sound and Image in Improvised Performance
  • Lydia Ayers and Andrew Horner
    Synthesizing the Chinese Suona
  • James L. Barbour
    Creating Acoustic Space
  • Leah Barclay
    A Critical Analysis Model for Electroacoustic Music for ACMC 2006
  • Darren Curtis
    Ancient Geo-physical Computers, Advanced Acoustic Patterns and Biofeedback
  • Alan Dorin
    The Sonic Artificial Ecosystem
  • Anna Gerber and Andrew R. Brown
    Visualising Music with Impromptu
  • Toby Gifford and Andrew R. Brown
    The Ambidrum: Ambiguous Generative Rhythms
  • Christian Haines: Computers, Music and Intermedia: (Re)(Trans)lation
  • Greg Hainge: Listening to Mediation
    Digital Noise in a Post-High-Fidelity Age
  • Mark Havryliv, Greg Schiemer and Fazel Naghdy
    Haptic Carillon: Sensing and Control in Musical Instruments
  • Mark Havryliv
    Playing with Audio: Towards a Genuine Relationship between Game Play and Music
  • Donna Hewitt
    The Mill on the Floss: A Case Study in the Use of Voice and Electronics in the Theatre
  • David Hirst
    An Analysis of Denis Smalley’s Wind Chimes: Some Preliminary Results
  • Ian Kaminsky
    Isolated Monophonic Musical Instrument Sound Classification WWW Site
  • Christopher Keyes
    An Introduction to ArtsSync: A New Tool for Mapping Foreground, Middle-ground and Background Musical Structures to Visual Images
  • Peter McIlwain, Jon McCormack, Alan Dorin, Aidan Lane
    Composing With Nodal Networks
  • Timothy Opie
    Fundamental Frequency as an Attribute of Eco-Structuralism
  • Kevin Purcell
    Toward a Dramaturgy for Theatre Sound-Scoring Design
  • Alistair Riddell
    Sound Performance within an Augmented Reality Theatre Context
  • Greg Schiemer, Mark Havryliv
    The Microtonal Legacy of the Pocket Gamelan
  • Tim Swalling
    The Perpetual Commotion Machine: An Exploration of Background Music, Genetic Algorithms and Physical Proportion
  • Alex Thorogood
    Algorithm Gadget: An Improvisatory Rhythm Generator
  • Sebastian Tomczak
    DIY Physical to Computer Interactivity: Background, Issues and Solutions
  • Mark Webber
    Imitation of the Human Drummer and Beyond: An Advanced Rhythm Generator
  • Stephen Whittington
    Ideas for a Poetics of Intermedia
  • Sonia Wilkie
    The Generation and Modelling of Resultant Tones
  • Rene Wooller
    Review of Compositional Morphing: Works, Techniques, Applications and Possibilities

Posters (in alphabetical order)

  • Vinny Bhagat
    Smart Controller
  • John Coulter and Colin Webber
    Building Lightbridges: The Australian Electroacoustic Music Experts Network (AEMEN)
  • Darren Curtis
    MiniCV Controller
  • Anna Gerber and Andrew R. Brown
    Visualising Music with Impromptu
  • Sebastian Tomczak
    Water Surface As Music Controller (for $8)

Studio Reports (in alphabetical order)

  • Roger Alsop
    School of Production Victorian College of the Arts
  • John Elmsly
    Composition Studios School of Music University of Auckland
  • Christian Haines, Stephen Whittington
    EMU, Electronic Music Unit University of Adelaide
  • Anthony Hood, Donna Hewitt
    Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney

Artist Talks (in alphabetical order)

  • Catherine Fargher and Terumi Narushima
    Evolution, Mutation and Hybridity: The Influence of Biotechnology Practices on the Development of Chromosome Knitting
  • Barry Hill
    Hey, are you Listening to or Watching the Music? Interplay and Improvisation Amongst Live Electronica Musicians
  • Matthew Hill
    “See Hear Now”: Reflections on a Multi- Arts Performance Festival
  • Somaya Langley
    Sonic Gesturing: Utilising a Wearable Interface in Live Electroacoustic Performance
  • Tristan Louth-Robins
    Sounds from Level Four
  • Pierre Proske
    Synchronised Swamp: Uncanny Expressive Mathematics
  • Michael Yuen
    Project 3, Adelaide Festival of the Arts 2006

Workshops (in alphabetical order)

  • Ross Bencina
    AudioMulch: Advanced Workshop
  • Angelo Fraietta
    Electronic Sensor Building: An Introduction
  • Nick Collins, Fredrik Olofsson
    SuperCollider: Third Party Libraries and Customising
  • Robert Wolf
    HERCs: Introduction to Algorithmic Synthesis