ACMC 2007


19th – 21st June 2007
The Australian National University Centre for New Media Arts
The ANU School of Music
Canberra, Australia

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  • Warren Burt
    Stories from the Cross-disciplinary Trenches
  • Brad Garton
    I Can Be There

Papers (in alphabetical order)

  • Roger Alsop
    The Biggest Shed in the World: an approach to computer enhanced creativity
  • Lydia Ayers / Andrew Horner
    Didgeridoo Synthesis Using Timbre Morphing
  • Ross Bencina
    AudioMulch 2006: a project review
  • Warren Burt
    Cellular Automata as Spectra: Beyond Sonification into Comparison
  • Andrew Brown / Rene Wooller / Kate Thomas
    The Morph Table: A collaborative interface for musical interaction
  • Steven Campbell
    Sensience: Electroacoustic Collaboration in a Reactive, Non-Tactile Ultrasonic Sensing Environment
  • Poppi Narelle-Faye Doser
    Synaesthesia and the Affect of Programming in SuperCollider
  • Josh Dubrau / Mark Havryliv
    P[a]ra[pra]xis: Poetry in Motion
  • Toby Gifford / Andrew Brown
    Polyphonic Listening: Real-time accompaniment of polyphonic audio
  • Luke Harrald
    Collaborative Music Making with Live Algorithms
  • Mark Havryliv / Fazel Naghdy / Greg Schiemer
    Synthesising Touch: Haptic-rendered Practice Carillon
  • Alistair Riddell
    Towards Interactive Control of Sound Patterns Using the Wiimote
  • Greg Schiemer / Manuel Op de Coul
    Pocket Gamelan: tuning microtonal applications in Pd using Scala
  • Alex Thorogood
    Chatter and Listening: A wireless multi-node sound sculpture
  • Sebastian Tomczak
    Handheld Console Comparisons: Lateral Consumer Machines as Musical Instruments
  • Alexandra Uitdenbogerd / Ian Kaminskyj
    The Mood Juke Box project: classifying and retrieving music by its perceived emotional content
  • Daniel Vogrig / Stephen Patterson / Ian Kaminskyj
    Guitar Playing Robot
  • Danielle Wilde
    hipDisk: an interactive sonic system inspired by core-body gesture
  • Sonia Wilkie / Catherine Stevens
    Psychoacoustic variables for temporal manipulation and spatialisation of the sound–induced illusory flash

Artist Talks

  • Ros Bandt
    Artist Talk
  • David Kirkpatrick / Paul Kopetko
  • Tim Kreger
    Life after the Cliff
  • Andrew Sorensen
    Live Coding: New Perspectives on generative art
  • David Worrall
    Sonification, Synthesis and SoniPy

Studio Reports

  • Stephen Barrass
    Sonic Communications Research Group, University of Canberra
  • Greg Schiemer
    The Haptic Carillon Project
  • Warren Burt
    Illawarra Institute of TAFE, Wollongong
  • Ros Bandt
    Australian Sound Design Project Interactive Map and Website CD launch


  • Michael Bylstra
    Cloudscape Radio: The Ambient Sonification of Clouds
  • Thorin Kerr
    Computer Assisted Composition System for a Live Coding Environment