ACMC 2008


10-12 July 2008
Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Sydney, Australia

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  • Professor Roger Dean
  • Professor Robert Normandeau


  • Lydia Ayers and Andrew Horner
    Synthesizing Some Australian Birds
  • Warren Burt
    Do You Suppose He Didn’t Know What He Was Doing? On “Not Knowing” and Computer Music
  • Steven Campbell
    Flow, Riverscape, & Come Home: Three Installation Designs for the PLaY+SPaCE Ultrasonic Sensing Environment
  • Toby Gifford and Andrew R. Brown
    Stochastic Onset Detection: An approach to detecting percussive attacks in complex audio
  • Callum Hedemann, Andrew Sorensen, and Andrew R. Brown
    Metascore: User Interface Design for Generative Film Scoring
  • Sarah Keith
    Universes of belief: a context-focused framework for performance design
  • Julian Knowles
    Liminal Electronic Musics: Post-Punk Experimentation in Australia in the 1970s-1980s
  • Tim Opie
    Rendering Soundscapes
  • Garth Paine
    Interfacing for dynamic morphology in computer music performance
  • Mark Pedersen
    User Configurable Intention Maps for Gestural Control and Live Spatialisation in Computer Music performance
  • Jean Penny
    Amplified breath – (dis)embodied habitat: exploring sonic interfaces of performance, electronics, space and flautist identity
  • Christian Ritz, Greg Schiemer, Ian Burnett, Eva Cheng, Damien Lock, Terumi Narushima, Stephen Ingham and Diana Wood Conroy
    An Anechoic Configurable Hemispheric Environment for Spatialised Sound
  • Graeme Smith and Andrew Johnston
    Interactive Software for Guitar Learning
  • Andrew Sorensen and Andrew R. Brown
    A Computational Model For The Generation Of Orchestral Music In The Germanic Symphonic Tradition: A progress report
  • Wendy Suiter and Eva Cheng
    Listening Chairs: Personal Acoustic Space in Public Places
  • Rene Wooller and Andrew R. Brown
    A framework for discussing tonality in electronic dance music

Artist Talks

  • Ros Bandt
    Finding the Isobue: From the Hydrophone to the Radio studio to the Gallery; spatial sonic designs of an endangered sound
  • Brigid Burke
    Interfacing for dynamic morphology in computer music performance
  • Chi-Hsia Lai
    Hands On Stage: An Interface for Sound and Image Improvisation
  • Stephen Stanfield
    Lost in Space: A Composer’s Journey


  • Robert Bell
    PAD – the Percussive Audio Database: Initial Concept and Design
  • Ben Swift
    Thinking Through Musical Parameter Space


  • Ajay Kapur
    21st Century Raga: Digitizing North Indian Music