ACMC 2010


24–26 June 2010
The Australian National University
Canberra, Australia

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  • Roger B. Dannenberg
    Interaction In The World Of Beats

Refereed Papers

  • Roger Alsop
    Action A/V: An Improvisatory Process For Translating Movement To An Audiovisual Outcome
  • Toby Gifford, Andrew R. Brown
    Anticipatory Timing In Algorithmic Rhythm Generation
  • Cat Hope, Stuart James, Kynan Tan
    When Lines Become Bits: Engaging Digital Technology To Perform Works By Alvin Lucier
  • Sarah Keith
    Bridging The Gap: Thoughts On Computer Music And Contemporary (Popular) Electronic Music
  • Timothy Opie, Andrew R. Brown
    Aesthetic Implications Of The Eco-Structuralist Process
  • Malcolm Riddoch
    Experimental Electroacoustic Feedback Systems, The Performer And Their Audience
  • Michael Spicer
    Composing “In Transit”
  • Lindsay Vickery
    Mobile Scores And Click-Tracks: Teaching Old Dogs
  • David Worrall
    Towards The Better Perception Of Sonic Data Mappings

Artist Talks

  • Stephen Barrass, Nina Schaffert, Tim Barrass
    Probing Preferences Between Six Designs Of Interactive Sonifications For Recreational Sports, Health And Fitness
  • Lea Collins, Mary Hutchison
    Discussion Of A Practice-Led Collaboration Between A Writer/Curator And Composer/Sound Artist
  • John Gibson
    Wind Farm, A Composition For Laptop Orchestra
  • Charles Martin, Hanna Cormick, Benjamin Forster
    Audience Interactive Performance In “The Last Man To Die”
  • Stephen Stanfield
    A Cancelled Glow: An Interpretive Guide