ACMC 2011

Organic Sounds in Live Electroacoustic Music

6-9 July, 2011
School of Music, University of Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand

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  • Simon Emmerson
    ‘Living In A Performing World – Performing In A Living World’
  • Ian Whalley
    Negotiating N.Z. Sonic Arts In Real-Time & Netspace

Papers (in alphabetical order)

  • Benjamin Carey
    Derivations: An Autonomous System for Responsive Live Music Improvisation
  • Damian Castaldi
    Wild Weather
  • Jason Erskine
    E-Suling: Extended Techniques for Indonesian Performance
  • James Herrington
    Musical Parameter Manipulation Possibilities of a Homemade reacTable
  • Cat Hope
    The Composer and the Machine: Organic Collaborative Processes in Composition and Programming Leading to Performance.
  • Stuart James
    Multidimensional Data Sets: Traversing Sound Synthesis, Sound Sculpture, and Scored Composition
  • Sarah Keith
    An Organic System For Tonal Composition
  • Robert MacKay
    Living Waves
  • Dugal McKinnon
    Awkward Ecologies in the 21st Century Baroque
  • James Murphy
    The Gallery as an Instrument: Using Remote Sensing Technology to Interface with Musical Robotics
  • Michael Norris
    Integration/Disintegration: The Case For (and a Critique of) Organicism in Live Electronics
  • Tim Opie
    Eco-Structuralism in Practice
  • Malcolm Riddoch
    Organicism in Live Experimental Electroacoustic Music
  • Te Mana Rollo
    Electro-Acoustic Can Enhance Maori Music: A Model for Composing
  • Owen Vallis & Jordan Hochenbaum
    The Chronome: A Case Study in Designing New Continuously Expressive Musical Instruments
  • Lindsay Vickery
    The Possibilities Of Novel Formal Structures Through Computer Controlled Live Performance
  • Robert Wolf
    Problems of Implementing Musical Counterpoint Generation Systems Through the Prolog Computer Language
  • Jason Wright
    Re-Assessment of Electroacoustic Chain

Artist Talks

  • Christopher Black
    Re-Contextualising the Human Body as an Electronic Performance Interface
  • Jasmine Chen
    Heritage as the Composer Authenticity: A Poietic Approach Towards Sounds with Heritage-Related Quality in Electroacoustic Music Composition
  • John Cousins
  • Gerardo Dirie
    Surrogates of Self: Exteriorising Organic Behaviour in Sound
  • Ricardo Dal Farra
    Culture vs. Nature?
  • Susan Frykberg
    Spiritual/Religious and Sacred Electroacoustic Music – A Survey, 2011
  • Jose Halac
    Syncretism: Organic Flow of Articulated Morphologies
  • Dugal McKinnon
    The Future Archeology of Popular Music: Media, Aura, Vanitas
  • Jason Philips
    Artist’s Presentation
  • Elizabeth de Vegt
    Electroacoustic Music, Organic Sounds and Networks.


  • John Coulter, David Rylands
    Multichannel Workshop
  • Nolwenn Hugain-Lacire
    NOP Workshop
  • Jason Phillips
    Taonga Puoro Workshop