ACMC 2009


July 2–4
Queensland University of Technology
Brisbane, Australia

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  • Ben Swift, Henry Gardner, Alistair Riddell
    Distributed Performance In Live Coding Stuff
  • Greg Schiemer, Eva Cheng
    Enabling Musical Applications On A Linux Phone
  • Christian Haines
    Towards Participatory Creative Systems Using Mobile Processing
  • Sarah Keith
    A Generative Environment For Performing Contemporary Electronic Music
  • Andrew R. Brown, Thorin Kerr
    Adaptive Music Techniques
  • Alistair Riddell
    Gesture And Musical Expression Entailment In A Live Coding Context
  • Matthew Hill
    Linking Analysis And Creation: An Improvised Study
  • Lloyd Barrett, Andrew R. Brown
    Towards A Definition Of The Performing AudioVisualist
  • Toby Gifford, Andrew R. Brown
    Do Androids Dream Of Musical Chimera?
  • Rene Wooller, Andrew Brown
    Trase Algorithm – Automatic Evolutionary Morphing Of Electronic Dance Music
  • Armen Tavoukjian, Andrew Johnston
    Neural Networks AND Evolutionary Algorithms In Music Composition
  • Etienne Deleflie, Greg Schiemer
    Spatial-Grains: Imbuing Granular Particles With Spatial-Domain Information
  • Christopher Keyes
    Improvisational Aspects Of Image And Gesture Sonification
  • Ximena Alarcón
    “Listening And Remembering”: Networked Off-Line Improvisation For Four Commuters
  • Leah Barclay
    Approaches To Notating Electroacoustic Music With Live Instruments: Preliminary Results
  • Roland Adeney, Andrew R. Brown
    Improvising With Grid Music Systems
  • Simon Lui, Andrew Horner
    Extracting And Re-Targeting Expressive Musical Performing From Audio Recording
  • Garth Paine, Jon Drummond
    Tiem Survey Report: Developing A Taxonomy Of Realtime Interfaces For Electronic Music Performance
  • Timothy Opie, Andrew Brown
    Eco-Structure Data Forms: Classification Of Data Analysis Using Perceived Design Affordances For Musical Outcomes

Artist Talks / Posters

  • Lydia Ayers, Andrew Horner
    Artist Talk: Ghost Winds Talking
  • Norikazu Mitani, Lonce Wyse
    Information Sharing In Networked Music Application
  • Sebastian Tomczak
    EPROM Music