The Australasian Computer Music Association was founded in 1989. The organisation provides a forum for new compositions, information sharing, and research about music technology and computer music, principally throughout Australia and New Zealand. The Australasian Computer Music Association is a community of composers, performers, teachers and technologists who have an interest in, are making, or supporting music making with computers.

ACMA is a non-profit association. The main activity of ACMA is an annual conference, usually held in a capital city of Australia or New Zealand. Proceedings of these conferences are available from this website. The conference serves as a forum for the members’ activites, music and research. ACMA also publishes a peer-reviewed journal, Chroma (formerly a newsletter from 1989-2006). ACMA online communities including social media and mailing lists are also available for anyone to participate in. In addition, locally organised events such as concerts and seminars are sometimes held.

ACMA is a regional organisation, and as such the majority of ACMA’s membership live in Australia and New Zealand. Although ACMA has no formal ties with other associations, other related regional organisations include the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC), the Sonic Arts Network in the UK, Society for Electroacoustic Music (SEAMUS) in the North America, and the International Computer Music Association (ICMA).

Australasian Computer Music Association Incorporated