Online Communities

The Australasian Computer Music Association has various online communities where you get inspiration and share your work with the computer music community. These are also good platforms to hear about calls for submissions to ACMC and other events.

Social Media

Mailing List

ACMA operates an email mailing list for announcements and discussion among participants throughout Australasia and beyond. The mailing list has low frequency (less than 1 email per day).

You can join the list by:

You can unsubscribe by:

Cross-posting of calls and opportunities from other communities (e.g., ICMC, NIME, SMC) is encouraged; however, we may moderate cross posts that overwhelm the frequency of posts from within the ACMA community.

Participation in the any of the above communities is subject to the ACMA Code of Conduct.

Please report any issues with the mailing list to the president or secretary.

Mailing List History

The former acma-l listserv was hosted by Waikato University September 1999 to June 2019. An archive of messages can be found here:

From 2019-2023 a new acma-l listserv was hosted with a commercial provider primarily to distribute calls for papers and meeting notifications.

Friends and Associates

Here’s a list of links to institutions and organisations that have been associated with the association in the past (e.g., by hosting ACMC).

Institutions and Organisations

Concert Series: