Hosting ACMC

N.B.: Now calling for hosts for ACMC 2023+!

ACMC is the annual gathering of the Australasian Computer Music Association, a place to show and discuss research and artistic progress in computer/electronic music. It’s a festival of performances, installations, workshops, and tutorials that inspire, challenge, and showcase our community.

We are always looking for potential hosts for future conferences. ACMC has traditionally taken place in Australia or New Zealand and has been held standalone or co-hosted with another event.

The 2020 edition was the first fully online ACMC, and we suggest that future events could be hybrid online/in-person in the interest of inclusion and sustainability.

If you are interested in hosting ACMC at your institution or organisation then please reach out to

How to host ACMC

ACMC is generally includes 50-100 performances and talks from contributors who are musicians, artists, scholars, students and researchers. We have a guide to hosting ACMC online (link).

Although ACMC is often hosted by academic institutions, we want to highlight the diverse range of people who contribute to Australia’s computer/electronic music culture including those who are young/emerging, from regional/remote areas, who have a disability, who are First Nations People, who have low/no income, who are engaged in community music making, or who simply work outside of academia and mainstream institutions.

Hosting ACMC involves:

Support is available from the ACMA Committee who can provide guidance and experience from previous editions of ACMC. 

We are always looking for new approaches that make ACMC a more inclusive and welcoming place including streamlining the application process, providing early feedback to potential performers/speakers, committing to a diversity in performers and speakers, reducing ticket fees in general, and providing support for participants who work outside of traditional institutions.