ACMC 2005

Generate + Test 

12–14 July 2005
Queensland University of Technology
Brisbane, Australia

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  • Katharine Neil
    Adaptive audio in games
  • Ross Bencina
    The AudioMulch Process – Software Development in Musical Practice

Invited Speaker

  • Paul Doornbusch
    Generate and test

Refereed Papers

  • Lydia Ayers & Andrew Horner
    Synthesising Music in Csound with a Javanese Gong Ageng
  • Jim Barbour
    Delivering Spatial Audio
  • Andrew R. Brown
    Generative Music in Live Performance
  • Dave Burraston
    Composition at the Edge of Chaos
  • Warren Burt
    Long Distance Composing for Computer Controlled Microtonal Acoustic Instruments
  • Steven Campbell
    PLaY+SPaCE: An Ultrasonic Gestural MIDI Controller
  • Navin Doloswala
    Viewing electronic music arts funding through the lens of emergent networks: Policy implications
  • Robert W. Esler
    Performing Algorithmic Computer Music
  • Angelo Fraietta
    Porting Max Patches to the Smart Controller
  • Luke Harrald
    Fight or Flight: Towards the modelling of emergent ensemble dy-namics
  • Barry Hill
    Breaking Down The Breakdown
  • David Hirst
    Developing an Interactive Study Score for the Analysis of Electro-acoustic Music
  • Steven R. Livingstone, Ralf Muhlberger and Andrew R. Brown
    Playing with Affect: Music Performance with Awareness of Score and Audience
  • Peter Mcilwain and Jon McCormack
    Design Issues in Musical Composition Networks
  • Timothy Opie
    Amplitude Analysis in Musical Composition
  • Garth Paine and Ian Stevenson
    The Thummer™ Mapping Project – ThuMP
  • Mark Pedersen and Ralf Muhlberger
    Invisible Territory: Sonifying the game of G
  • Alistair Riddell
    HyperSense Complex: An Interactive Ensemble
  • Greg Schiemer and Mark Havryliv
    Pocket gamelan: An Extensible set of microtonal instruments
  • Stefania Serafin
    Russolo’s Intonarumori: acoustical description and real-time simulation using physical models
  • Robert Shelton
    Bias, Reuse and Interface Representation
  • Francis Soddell & Jacques Soddell
    Of Lindenmayer systems, Fungi and Music
  • Andrew Sorensen
    Impromptu: An interactive programming environment for composition and performance
  • Ian Stevenson
    Design Issues for New Performance Systems

Artist Talks, Studio Reports, Posters and Workshops

  • Navin Doloswala
    New Sources & New Sounds – Vertical limits: altitude, buildings, the air & the sky
  • Robert Esler
    Innovations in percussion and technology
  • Stephen Gard
    carriers: an archaeology of the airwaves
  • Rene Wooller, Richie Allen, Matt Petoe, Andrew Strelnikov and Brendan Wright
    Jam Experiment Dance Interact – Towards a Participatory Electronic Dance Music Environment
  • John Coulter, Paul Draper & Matthew Hitchcock
    Intermedia, Music Education and Research Design (IMERSD): Studio Report
  • Christian Haines
    Electronic Music Unit (EMU) – Studio Report
  • Lawrence Harvey
    Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory (SIAL) Sound Studios, RMIT university
  • Peter Mcilwain
    Report from Monash University
  • Garth Paine and Ian Stevenson
    UWS Electronic Arts Studio Report
  • Rolf Nordahl and Stefania Serafin
    Medialogy and interactive sound design
  • Rodney Berry, Mao Makino, Naoto Hikawa and Naomi Inoue
    Using a 3D Modeling Package as a Synth Controller
  • Angelo Fraietta
    Mini CV Controller
  • Anna Gerber
    A framework for computer-assisted composition of adaptive music
  • Frank Millward
  • Jim Plamondon
    Isomorphism: The Simple Elegance of Music
  • Andrew Sorensen
  • Jeremy Yuille
    Working inside the system
  • Ross Bencina
    AudioMulch Interactive Music Studio Clinic
  • Steve Dillon
    The worlds first Networked Improvisational Musical Environment (NIME) for children