2023 Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting of the Australasian Computer Music Association 2023

Date: 11/10/2023

Location: University of New England, Sydney Campus, Parramatta, NSW. (online participants on Zoom).



Vicki Hallett, Eve Klein, Patrick Hartono



Receive Committee Reports

President’s report:

Community building and networking was key plan for the executive during the 2022-2023 academic year, I had the fortune to meet and discuss collaborations with a number of research and industry partners to assist in future goals, and to assist in the annual conference. I am pleased to report there are future plans for collaboration with similar international associations (like SEAMUS and CEC), and we may also have interest with sponsorship with industry partners (like ADAM audio). Securing these networks and plans will be the job of the Executive to build upon in 2024.

Inclusivity remains a strident goal for this association, and continuing to work on achieving this aim, should persist into 2024. The 2022, and 2023 conference are/were excellent examples of an inclusive community of practice.

The 2022 ACMC was a roaring success, it was a performance and artistic research heavy conference, with a good number of Australasian and International delegates, and presentations. Of particular note where the outstanding display of facilities, installations and music technology; a testament to Massey University, and the 2022 hosts: Bridget and Team. I would like to make a particular note of the engagement from, and presentation of, the research of younger academics (and early career/interest non-academics), inclusivity was well demonstrated here. Furthermore, the New Zealand cohort of our association put the Australian members to shame in their representation of Indigenous Peoples and Nationhoods; ACMA has much to work in this area.

The 2023 ACMC conference is proceeding currently, and there has been an uptick in the presentation of formal research, yet the presentation of creative work and performance remains strong. Installations and the Riverside theatre offerings are the current highlight, yet another day of conference remains, much to look forward to. Showcasing Western Sydney has been a highlight, and Donna and team should be proud of their work, with commendations from the Executive committee.

Reflecting on the recent conferences, I would like to note in this report the current phenomenon of “representative non-attendance.” Too many conference delegates are contributing work to the community, without the associated work towards building networks within this association. I would like to encourage this committee, and Executive, to work towards solutions to this issue.

On behalf of the ACMC executive, I would like to thank this committee for their hardwork, proactivity, and representation; we are effective because we as individuals we are committed to our research and work, and this community.

Vice President report:

Treasurer’s report:

Prepared by Vincent Giles


The bank account currently sits at $4115.01

I do not currently have access to PayPal (but I believe Charles does).

There have been zero outgoing or incoming funds in the past twelve months, which suggests that: membership/attendance funds from the past ACMCs and website/paypal have not been withdrawn. There is therefore currently zero profit/loss.

Suggested action: on advice from present company, Treasurer will gain access to PayPal to oversee these. Information needed: email address and 2FA associated with PayPal account, password.


There are possibly some moneys owing to some members for costs incurred that have not been withdrawn, unless they have been claimed through PayPal. This includes domain name registration.

Authorisation of Expenditure: ACMC2023

The executive committee authorised in an out-of-session meeting the expenditure of $1000 (4x $250) prizes for papers and performances at ACMC2023.

After voting closes and winners are decided by the executive committee, winners will be required to send an invoice to ACMA for the fee of $250 (ex GST) and remittance will be sent upon payment to the winner. In the event that there is no winner of the prize in a given category, the prize will not be paid out and will remain with ACMA.

Motions for Action:

I would like to move for the following processes to be implemented from all ACMA events moving forward, and table the following for discussion at the AGM.

Secretary’s and Publications report:

Secretary moved to vote that all reports are delivered as true representations in accordance with the act: passed.

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