ACMC 2024 Futurity

The Australasian Computer Music Conference (ACMC) is the annual gathering of the Australasian Computer Music Association, a place to show and discuss research and artistic progress in computer and electronic music. It’s a festival of performances, installations, workshops, and tutorials that inspire, challenge, and showcase our community.

Important dates:

About the Conference

This year’s ACMC theme is futurity. As creative computational processes and technologies take an increasingly centre-stage in the popular discourse, we too, in music, sound, technology and performance, contemplate the futurity of recent developments in the field/market(s); topics spanning decades of ACMA activity are now in common parlance, how do we lead these futures? ACMA is an inclusive conference. We want to connect the diverse range of people who contribute to Australia’s computer/electronic music culture, including and especially artists and scholars who are gender diverse, young/emerging, from regional/remote areas, who have a disability, who are First Nations People, who have low/no income, who are engaged in community music making, or who simply work outside of academia and mainstream institutions.

ACMC 2024 will take place at the both Australian Institute of Music (AIM) Sydney and Melbourne campuses. AIM’s Symposium will be on the last day (24 October) forming a 3-day conference with specialised lectures, workshops performances and presentations highlighting the latest in tertiary and post-graduate research at the Australian Institute of Music!

While the theme of ACMC 24 is futurity, we welcome proposals across the range of computer music topics and practices, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and AI Music topics.

Call for submissions

We are calling for submissions under two categories: papers/artist talks, or music with program notes.

We consider both categories to be equally valuable formats for artistic research contributions in computer music. Both will be subject to peer-review and the split is simply to allow the most appropriate materials to be uploaded and to assist in forming the program. Potential submissions may not fit exactly into these categories and can be submitted according to whether the presentation format would be more appropriate as a talk or performance.

Conference Locations:


General chairs: Mark Oliveiro, Vincent Giles.

  1. The camera-ready deadline is the final deadline by which authors must submit their completed, fully formatted paper, incorporating all revisions, that is ready for publication without any further edits or changes. Full papers that do not have a camera-ready submission by this date will be appear in the program as abstract-only papers. 

  2. The registration deadline is the final deadline that accepted authors must register for the conference to be included in the program. Submissions where no author has an appropriate registration will be removed from the program after this date.